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Plastic Surgery Simulator : iPhone / iPad

The Plastic Surgery Simulator for iPod, iPhone and iPad is a simple but powerful application that will let you modify photos to simulate plastic surgery results on anyone's face and body. Easy to use, you will be able to distort photos to simulate plastic surgeries in seconds. Please browse this page to learn more about application features.

Image import

You can import images from the device's image library, from memory (useful to copy / paste image grabbed on the web), and from the built in camera. From the next screen, the crop screen, you resize the highlighted area to select only the portion of the image you want to work on, or you can simply select the entire image. The button gives you access to our exclusive social network where you can see and rate pictures shared by other users.

Menu screen
Crop screen

Single and dual views

You can change from single to dual views by rotating your device. The single you will show you either the original image, or the working, modified image. The dual view, will show you both on the same screen. The dual view will also greatly help you to work on small screen devices: when you work on the image on the right, the original image on the left will instantly transform itself into a mirror of the working image, thus showing your changes live without your finger hiding them.

Single view
Dual view

Distortions effects

You can easily modify photos with your finger by stretching, growing or shrinking the desired areas to simulate photo realistic plastic surgery results. It is very easy to distort your pictures, and you will be able to simulate photo realistic plastic surgeries within seconds.



Slowly move your finger
on the image part that
you want to drag.


Hold your finger
on the image part that
you want to grow.


Hold your finger
on the image part that
you want to shrink.

Command Icons

Here is a list of all the application's icons, and their meaning.

Zoom: Select this tool and double tap on the working image to zoom. You can also scroll. Zoom and scroll are synchronized between all the views. Double tap to zoom out.
Cancel: this button will bring you back to the menu screen.
Revert: this button will revert the image to its original state, discarding all the work.
Undo: This button will undo the latest image modification. You can undo the latest 3 modifications.
Note: shaking your device will also undo the last action.
Save: This button will open the saving menu.
Before after: This button will instantly switch between the "Before" and "After" image.
Note: this button is only functional on the single view display.
Watermark labels: This button will add or remove the "Before" and "After" labels.
Note: saved images will take into account this setting.
Minimize interface: This button will minimize the interface, by removing the top bar, and making the bottom one more transparent.
Animation: This button will turn on a looping animation that will morph the original image, to the modified image. A great way to get an impression of your virtual surgery !
The slider lets you select the diameter of the tools' effect area.

Saving and sharing

From the save screen, you can choose to save your image into the device image library, send your image to an email, or share it on is our own sharing picture user network, where user can rate other users' pictures by answering the question "Do I need plastic surgery ?" . You should check it, it is quite fun.
Note that when saving or sending your image on device or via email, it will save the current view with or without watermarks, depending on what is on screen at time of saving. So if you want to save the combined dual view with watermarks, make sure that this is what is displayed on screen before saving.


Here is an image sample of a virtual nose job and chin augmentation performed with the iPhone / iPad version of the application. It was saved as combined before / after view, without watermarks. It took under 1 minute to perform thanks to the smooth and powerful distortion algorithm of our software.

Sample simulated nose job on iOS